Sleep Debt

Dr. Roxanne Prichard is a profound sleep advocate and has on numerous occasion addressed the issue of child sleep deprivation. Prichard explains that as a nation we value the performance of our children but fall short on proper preparation on providing all the tools that children need to succeed. It took decades for the school system to acknowledge that children need a balanced diet to help them grow. Sleep is just now becoming a hot topic that like a balanced diet helps child development. A child that does not get adequate sleep can develop habits that hobble them as they enter the school system. Lack of sleep can literally keep a child from learning at their best ability and this can trigger a life long ripple effect. 

We are just a small toy company and while we haven't figured out the grand plan to help every single child we hope to help child sleep better. We created P'JAMERZ out of our desire to tackle an issue that we feel is not openingly talked about. Nightmares seem harmless but can lead to a child's inability to sleep comfortably through the night. This disruption in sleep can create a pattern that causes a child to become sleep deprived. Once deprived a whole host of developmental issues could arise and all of this simply because of fear of sleeping. P'JAMERZ hopes to empower children to sleep with confidence and create an adventure out of sleeping.

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